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Big Ben Remembers Monday Night Football as a Kid

For all these years, playing quarterback in the NFL and all the accolades, Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, you name it, there wouldn’t be much to still give quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The fields butterflies Monday Night Football, however, still does that.

And as the Steelers get ready for the Bears coming this Monday, number seven still reflects back on the fondest of Monday nights when he was a kid and getting the opportunity to do the same when he made it to the league.

“Still pretty cool. I mean, it’s just another game, but it is something special. I mean, I remember as a kid there wasn’t all these games, you know, it was like Monday Night Football was all you had. And if I was nice, if I didn’t ask too many times, my dad might let me watch the first quarter, but most of them had to go to bed. So now it’s just like, now I get to be on the field and there’s some kid somewhere they’re going to watch the game. And so that makes it pretty cool.”


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