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Big Ben Doesn’t Have Much to Say

After a lost to Cincinnati last Sunday, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said not going to discuss it any further. It’s time to move forward and that matchup against the Bengals is like old bubble gum.

You just spit it out. You’re done with it.

Now, as the Steelers prepare for another divisional tough match up rivalry type matchup this weekend at Heinz Field, Ben played up.

The rivalry with the Ravens knows how important these games are, especially games in the division.

“It’s got to be much better than the version of himself through two picks last week and asked for the message to the team. Well, not much need, said second. You know what, if you have to if you have to give guys a message at this
point in a year with where we are, then maybe it’s time you guys know they don’t need a message.”

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