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Berlin Brothersvalley Week 2 Update

One School District in Somerset County is finishing up its second week of classes amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Students at Berlin Brothersvalley School District say school has been filled with face coverings and social distancing, but that they would do anything to be back. Preston Foor and Carlyn Hay are both Seniors at Berlin Brothersvalley High School, and they say this isn’t the Senior year they’ve always imagined. Foor saying: “You kind of have to think, why me, and why this year. At least we get to be at school which is the big thing. Although we’re social distanced from our friends that we don’t get to see outside of school, we still get to see them. Look at the positives.” Hay says “I think we’re all just trying to make the best of it, because if you keep saying why why why, you’re going to miss your whole senior year.”

Superintendent David Reeder says 92% of families said they wanted to send their kids back to School, in person, five days a week. So they did. He says desks are separated in the classrooms and in the cafeteria. Instead of heading to the water fountain, students can go to water stations with disposable cups. Face coverings are required, even while riding the bus. He says if someone tests positive COVID-19, what will happen depends on the situation. Dr. Reeder saying: “It might be that we don’t have to shut down our District, it might be that we have certain areas that we could shut down, it might be we put everybody out for a day or so.”

Eighth graders Sadie Snyder and Trace Hay say School is very different this year, but they’re happy to be back.

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