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Bentley Landis – Make A Wish

A Local Organization that grants Life-Changing Wishes for Children with Critical Illnesses made its way to Clearfield County. Here’s the story of “Bentley Landis” and how this Organization made his Wish come true.

The Make A Wish Foundation, who’s granted nearly 20,000 wishes Nationwide, made Bentley Landis’ wish come true Monday at the DuBois City Park. Lacy Bair, Regional Manager of Make A Wish Punxsutawney saying: “After COVID and everything, we’re finally able to get back with our wish kids, we’re just so excited Bentley wished for an online shopping spree.”

Bentley was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2018, his Mom recalling that tragic day. Kali Martell, Bentley’s Mother saying: “It was devastating, it really was. But I had such a great support group and everything. Everybody came together for him.” That support group came together Monday for a surprise unbeknownst to Bentley. Kali saying: “I kept telling him that he had a surprise today and that the was getting all of these gifts that he got to pick out because he was so brave, he overcame so much.”

Martell says Bentley wanted new toys and games to share with his best-friend, his older sister. From a Nintendo switch to a new bike, she says he got everything he wanted. She thanks the Make a Wish Foundation for making this happen, giving them a moment to honor Bentley’s pure bravery.

Kali Martell adding: “Right now he’s in Remission so as long as he stays clean and clear, his blood work and everything for the next two years, they will call him cured.”

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