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Bellefonte Woman Charged in Stabbing Case

“I wish I was dead.” That’s what Police say Brittany Guisewhite said Wednesday morning when she was taken into custody. They say she also had a meth pipe, which could also be an important issue in Guisewhite being charged with Third Degree Murder, along with other criminal counts.

Back in Early April, Police were called to Guisewhite’s then home in Woodward Centre County. Outside, they saw Robert Farwell with an open chest wound from a stabbing. Farwell died a short time later. Guisewhite said Farwell, who she had a relationship with, showed up unannounced at the house during the early morning hours and barged in, threatened her, and she had to take shelter in a closet with a steak knife. She then said she stabbed him in self defense. A 4-year-old child was in the house at the time.

An autopsy showed the knife cracked one of Farwell’s ribs, punctured a lung, and lacerated his heart. Police say a blood test from Guisewhite immediately afterwards revealed Methamphetamine in her system. Police say in talking to several of Guisewhite’s friends, they all mentioned her drug use and paranoia. They said Guisewhite had found out about Farwell having a relationship with another woman a week before the stabbing.

During her arraignment, Guisewhite repeatedly said she was confused and didn’t understand. She was jailed in the Centre County Prison on $250,000 Bail.

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