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Beginnings Inc.

Kaylee and Madilyn Yock are four year old twins from Cambria County.

“Neither one is very shy. They really love to be out and about. They love to go to playgrounds, and they love nature,” said their mom, Raeni.

Although, she says the pandemic has made it difficult for her social butterflies to interact with others.

“It’s been so hard with Zoom, because we used to meet friends at the playgrounds and even indoors,” she said.

The girls are also getting ready to hit a big milestone in the fall: going to Kindergarten.

To help them prepare and socialize from home, they’ve enrolled in the “Parent and Child Together (PACT)” program at Beginnings Inc. in Johnstown.

Program Director for Beginnings Inc. Lauren Lazzari says the PACT program has been around for over a decade, but it has transitioned to virtual learning since the pandemic began.

“We read different things, sing different songs anything you can to be engaged with your child. So, when you do start kindergarten in person, preschool in person, or wherever you are, they have those experiences,” Lazzari said.

Now, every Friday at 10:00 in the morning, Kaylee and Madilyn learn about outer space, science, and other important subjects from their homes.

“This just gives children an opportunity, and their caregivers, to see other people in the same situation, and to learn and have fun together,” Lazzari said.

Raeni says she even set up a mini “classroom” in their home to make sure her girls stay on top of learning during a strange time in history.

“It’s just different, but we’re doing the best we can to get through this whole COVID thing to get them ready for Kindergarten,” Raeni said.

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