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Bedford County Vaccine Distribution

120 Faculty members from the Everett Area School District were set to receive the COVID-19 vaccination Tomorrow, but that’s no longer happening.

Superintendent Dr. Danny Webb tells me the district had been working with the Bedford Family Health Center over the last two weeks, setting up the vaccinations to happen Tomorrow.

Friday is an in service day, meaning faculty could still be vaccinated without needing to close the school for an additional day. Webb tells me the vaccinations are important for protecting teachers, staff and students and it would
help the district return to more in person instruction.

This morning, Webb got word the vaccinations were called off. Bedford Family Health Center CEO William Kurtycz says the reason is the state has not yet begun phase 1b, meaning teachers that don’t meet the 1a criteria do not yet
qualify to receive the vaccinations.

Kurtycz says the health center is in talks with the department of health to see when the school district’s vaccinations could be rescheduled. The superintendent says he hope it’s only a short delay.

“There’s a lot of pressure to get things started and I think our faculty really wants a level of protection as well. Once we can protect our teachers, it certainly makes it a little more likely that we can begin the implementation.”

A department of health spokesperson told us Today that they need all providers to remain vigilant in trying to complete this first phase of vaccinations.


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