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Bedford County Hurricane Ida Flooding Update

When Hurricane Ida rolled through our area a few weeks ago, it left devastation to homes and businesses across the region.

Bedford County saw its numerous waterways produce floodwaters leading to a swath of phone calls to the county’s EMA.

Dylan Huberman spoke to EMA Director Dave Cubbison to get some perspective on the recovery operation.

“Due to tropical storm Ida a couple of weeks ago, the Emergency Management Agency coordinated, uh, damage assessment across the county. We used agencies such as (the) Red Cross and others to help uscollect damage information, we also had folks calling in by phone.”

The damage incurred by the storm were extensive and for some, costly…especially if you didn’t pay up for flood insurance prior to the storm.

“Many times, the homeowners insurance will not cover any flood damages. Every resident in Pennsylvania is able to get flood insurance. The unfortunate part about that: it can be incredibly costly,
and you would probably have a high premium to go with that.”

And the Bedford County EMA is not doing door to door evaluations, it’s now up to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess the damage and bring the cavalry, and Cubbison says people need to take their concerns up with them.

“That information is then used to add us, hopefully, to the Federal Declaration for Pennsylvania. Once we are added to the Federal Declaration, then the state will come in and open a Disaster Recovery Center here in the Bedford Area. That’s where people need to bring their information, their documentation, their receipts and their pictures, and set up their registration with a.
FEMA representative one on one.”

Confirmation of the center is expected soon, but Cubbison advises residents to act now.

“We have been told it’ll be approximately 2-3 weeks until we learn whether Bedford County has been added to the disaster declaration. Now, in that meantime, I encourage people to fix things,
go ahead, take care of things.”

In the unlikely but still possible scenario that FEMA doesn’t set up shop in Bedford, those without insurance would need to brace themselves.

“If we were not to receive the Federal Declaration, then it all stops here. Uh, insurance companies, they’re going to cover damages, will cover damages, and the rest is going to be up to the, um,
homeowner or whoever owns the property. ”

We’ll be sure to get the word out as soon as FEMA makes a decision.


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