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Bedford County High Speed Internet

Concerns surrounding poor Internet and cell service have been commonplace for many living in Bedford County.

The issue has even raised potential safety concerns.

In a meeting, County Commissioners say they’re working to address those concerns.

The Commissioners say Bedford County has received Federal funding which allows new cell towers to be built.

About 30 towers have already been put into place across the county by a company called Crowsnest Broadband LLC but officials hope to install at least another 30 more.

The owner of the company said his service is similar to cable or fiber optic.

He and his team tell us they are getting Bedford County residents connected as quickly as they can so all residents can enjoy strong connection for work, school or even telehealth.

“We install infrastructure on towers, side lows, building roof tops, and then we connect the receiver at your home. If you live where you can see one of our antennas at those places you can get our service. Its very fast, its reliable.”

The Bedford County Commissioners ask community members who are still without Internet to reach out for services.

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