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Bedford County Cell Service

Many residents of Bedford County say that parts of the County are known to have poor cell service and spotty internet connection.

That could be set to change soon.

In a letter sent out to some property owners from the Bedford County Commissioners on August 11th, the county is anticipating leasing land for the installation of communications towers radio transmitters electronic equipment and other structures to enable high-speed internet and other communications capabilities in under-served areas of the county.

Emergency Management officials within the county tell us that poor service can be dangerous in the worst case scenarios.

“There are a plethora of dead spots within the county that affect public safety, because as you can probably surmise, in the event that somebody is in a car wreck or has a medical emergency, in an area of no coverage, they can’t contact us.”

Nicole Fuschino touched base with one of the Bedford County Commissioners over the phone who said they’ll be holding their monthly Commissioner’s meeting on September 13th to talk more about this issue.

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