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Bedford County Barn Fire Update

About 90 cows died after a barn fire on a family farm in Bedford County earlier this month.

Right here behind me is where a barn stood tall about two weeks ago and now as you can see it’s down to nothing after that devastating fire.

There were almost 100 cows inside and only a few of them made it out alive.

Now the owner tells me he’s doing everything he can to rebuild from the ground up.

“It was a horrible day.”

This is what’s left of the Garman Family Farm along route 96 just outside of Alum Bank

After a fire ripped through their barn earlier this month leaving decades of memories up in smoke.

“What was your initial reaction? *Sighs* I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t do stuff fast enough. I didn’t know what to do first.”

Joe Garman owns the farm

And says while he’s grateful no people were hurt most of his beloved dairy cows are now just a distant memory.

“I’m thinking probably a good 85 we lost total adults and small ones.”

If you would like to help joe you can go to any First Commonwealth Bank and tell them you’d like to donate to the Joe Garman fire fund.


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