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Bedford Co Church Fire Update

Crews battled flames at a church in Bedford County, leaving some nearby residents devastated. Douglas Braff tells us what we know about it so far and how the community is responding.

As the authorities continue to assess the damage, which you could see some of it right here caused by an explosion that started the fire. The community hopes this beloved church will be fixed up soon.

The fire erupted yesterday afternoon with explosions being heard by folks in the neighborhood, followed by the screams of sirens from multiple nearby fire departments.

Michael Monay Jr., a retired Marine, and his wife, have lived directly across the street from North Spring Christian Church for 54 years. They have personally known the pastors who have headed the congregation for decades, and they are regulars there.

Mondi describes what he witnessed Saturday. Yes, we are just we just came in. We were shopping, just pulled in, and I went to go upstairs and I looked out one of the street, all these hoes out there. So what was going on?

Well, here over the door, my neighbor came over. You hear the explosion? I what explosion? He says over there to church and all of a sudden, boom, heard again. You see the bricks flying out. You know, it’s look, the world’s going on.

Officials say they believe the blaze was caused by a faulty heating system and a fire marshal will be investigating it. Monty is glad the situation wasn’t worse. It’s a good thing. So one Walkman between here when that happened from the.

But fortunately, no one is hurt. So that’s amazing. But I hope it gets back together and know because we looked at the church here for 54 years, and I hope it continues to sailor reporting from Everett. This is Douglas Braff.

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