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Bald Eagle Bus Drivers Test Positive

One Centre County School District cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to the COVID-19 Pandemic. After having to close Schools before Thanksgiving due to the number of Students and Teachers in quarantine, the Bald Eagle Area School District now has multiple Bus Drivers with the Virus, but they still plan to reopen on Monday.

District officials say several Mountaintop bus drivers have tested positive for COVID-19. It comes days after two staff members tested positive. Now, some students will have to take an alternative route to school. Those on the affected buses 17 and 23 have the option of taking different buses with different time frames, that would mean students arrive and leave school up to an hour later than usual. Superintendent Scott Graham writes: “While not a perfect solution, it does allow students to attend school in-person.”

Some Bald Eagle parents took to Facebook to comment on the up and down daily changes. One writes: “I can’t believe the School District is recommending that High Schoolers drive their younger brothers and sisters to School, to me this is a huge insurance concern!” ​Another writing: “At this point you might as well just put kids on remote learning for the rest of the year. At least it’s a constant thing that parents can work around and prepare for.” On the other hand, some thanked the District for its transparency. One parent writing: “Thank you, BEA , for listing transportation options. We all know that some Students just perform better in-school for a variety of reasons. There will always be those who are critical even when given options.” Superintendent Graham says at this time Schools will remain open, but the closures are now in the hands of the State.

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