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Bald Eagle Area School District Mask Update

School districts are struggling with how to enforce mask mandates while keeping their buildings open for in-person learning.

Douglas Braff spoke with some concerned Bald Eagle parents where the district announced a tightening of the policy.

The punishments for not wearing a mask touch kids at every grade level

Parents against the mask mandate argue that the school district has no right to make students wear masks and that it should be the choice of the parents and students. On top of that these parents say the punishments are too harsh

“They were taking away recess Today taking away recess from a kindergartener, first grader, second grader because they don’t want to wear a mask because it makes them sick? That’s horrible.”

According to one Bald Eagle parent school staff even take away the phones of students in these so called segregation rooms

“Sending kids to this segregation room. They are now taking their phones, so they have no way to contact their parents unless they ask to go to the office to contact their parents.”

The superintendent wouldn’t talk on camera Today but in a statement sent to parents Yesterday he defended the mandate and punishments for violating it. He says mandating masks helps keep schools open, reduce quarantine numbers, and allow extracurricular’s to continue.

But what’s to be done about the mandate? Well Bald Eagle parents opposed to the mask mandate say they will do everything in their power to change school district policy

One parent promises retribution when the school board is up for election this fall

“And if nothing else, this fall I think they’re gonna challenge the school board that’s up for election. I’ll remind the school board that they are elected by the people. People give them the power.”

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