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Bald Eagle Area Awaits State Testing Waiver

Due to the Coronavirus and the constant changing from in-person learning to virtual, the Bald Eagle Area School District says they are waiting on the Federal Government’s response after the Commonwealth requested a waiver regarding State testing. Superintendent Scott Graham says moving between hybrid learning and full remote learning has been affecting Student grades and preparations for the State Testing this Spring, which are still required by the State. He says it takes 8 school days for State Testing and with the constant changes from in-school learning to remote learning, it’s better to have students doing regular curriculum instead of preparing for testing.

Graham adding: “We really don’t know how this Pandemic has affected the achievement gap but we know that it has. Kids have been negatively impacted. To what degree? I think it’s going to be after the Pandemic we’re really going to have to look at the data.”

The Superintendent says with the Biden Administration now in control, there have been hints that the Feds will grant the Waiver. Graham says he is hopeful that the Waiver is granted.

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