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Bailey Homicide Trial

Day two of the trial for a Clearfield County murder case of a 17 year old from August of 2017 are Douglas Braff was in the courtroom Today and has more on what developed.

Today’s the second day of the Dennis Bailey homicide trial, in which Bailey and another man are accused of killing Chase Anderson back in 2017.

Today in the courtroom, evidence of weapons found near the scene were presented to the jury. Bailey is standing trial on charges of criminal homicide, assault, kidnap to inflict
terror, conspiracy and other related charges. Also testified another man accused of murdering Anderson, allegedly told police Bailey was involved too,

That Led police to Anderson’s burnt remains, which were identified as Anderson through dental records. Police who investigated the crime scene and the location of the weapons
were questioned on the stand. Photos were shown of a hole in the weapons buried inside it.

The objects found include a knife brass knuckles with a retractable blade, a sheath for the knife, a metal spring, some fishing line, a small brown strip and a black plastic tube.

State Trooper David Patrick told the courtroom they discovered the hole when they spotted some loose earth in recording of an interview of Bailey with police from September 2017,
was played for the room in that recording. Bailey confessed he took part in the murder, but said he intu only meant to beat Anderson up and scare him over a dispute.

Bailey expressed regret, repeatedly saying he wasn’t supposed to die.

The trial is scheduled through November 5th. Reporting from Clearfield, I’m Douglas Braff.


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