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Bad Snow Covered Roads

Numerous crashes affected traffic across the region today in Cambria County, Route 22 in Cresson saw slowed traffic due to multiple crashes there and Route 219 south between 422 and 22. A tanker crash caused a fuel leak that needed to be cleaned up.

I-80 West near Woodland Clearfield County on traffic slow and at some points completely stop this evening. This was also due to weather conditions and road closures on state roads. The on ramp from Route 153 to I-80 West was closed for a time, in addition to the off ramp from I-80 West to Route 153 North, as well as Route 153 itself shut down for about an hour.

Trucks were seen getting stuck going up the hill en route 153, Southbound outside of Penfield. Some of those who were stuck in the traffic tell us that they were there for over 2 hours.

“A lot lost money. Late freight owner ups are losing out a ton of their personal money, going towards the trucks and the maintenance and idling the trucks because it’s snowing, it’s cold. So they’re going to have to the he trucks keep warm.”

Dispatch tells us traffic started slowly moving once again just before 7:00 this evening

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