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Back-to-School Guidance

The Department of Health and the Department of Education have teamed up to offer additional Guidance for reopening Schools across the State. The DOH recommends that Schools in over half of the State’s Counties should not go back full time. Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine saying: “We have established three thresholds to help Superintendents and School Boards to use in their decision making process, along with recommendations for instruction at each threshold. The three are low, moderate, substantial community transmission in a County.”

As of this week, there are 25 Counties in the Low level of community transmission, 41 in the Moderate, and 1 County in the Substantial category. Low means Schools can offer full in-person model, moderate means Schools are recommended to use a blended learning model (also known as a hybrid schedule), and Substantial classification recommends using a full-remote learning method. The level of community transmission is based on incidence rate and the percent positivity over the past 7 days, meaning the threshold could change weekly.

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