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Back Pack Project

For the many students learning from home this year some school districts have made plans to still get free school meals to students throughout the week.

However,that leaves the weekend.

Haleigh Dibetta shows us how one local non-profit plans to continue to keep students fed on their off-days.

For seven years, the cambria county backpack project has provided free weekend meals to students throughout Cambria County

“In the 2019-20 school year we served 7 school districts and two preschools and this year we are planning on adding Windber”

That was over 70-thousand meals given to 449 students, and more are expected to need help

“We will see an increase especially this year, there’s going to be more awareness of the program in the schools and so i think other kids are going to be interested in receiving this extra food to help them throughout the year”

Which has become even more critical

“Students are now doing school online or hybrid schools and they aren’t getting all of the meals that they normally would during the school day so these weekend meals especially help during this time”

To serve the community, they need the community behind them

“We’re solely based on grants and donations so any funding that we can get is crucial to the success of the program”

Volunteers say it’s simple to do

“Something that you can donate is pudding and fruit cups, every time you’re at the grocery store just pick up a pack of pudding or a pack of fruit cups and you can drop it off here at the learning lamp at any time.”

And that small action can have a big impact

“You never know what people are going through at home, you could walk by people every day and not even know that they don’t have enough food to eat. So it’s really important that you’re aware of these situations and that they are happening”


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