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Avoiding A Government Funding Showdown

A deal with Senator Joe Manchin over energy permits and a pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia, could mean the Federal Government runs out of money this week.

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram has the details.

The bill to get Joe Manchin to back the Democrats’ tax and climate law just came due!

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised Manchin he’d wedge his demand for energy permits and a pipeline into a government funding bill in exchange for voting “yes” on the Inflation Reduction Act.

Manchin isn’t budging.

“Well then, they’ll have to explain why they’d rather shut the government down then have secured independence as far as energy.”

Liberals and Conservatives balked. Progressives worry about the environment. Democrats say Republicans characterize Manchin’s deal as a payback scheme.

“They don’t want to give any reward to Joe Manchin.”

Manchin banked on GOP help since Liberals dismissed his deal.

“I never expected Bernie Sanders in the far extreme left to ever be for any permitting, What we’re dealing with and a toxic political atmosphere.”

Democrats need 10 Republicans to break a Filibuster. Manchin’s Mountain State colleague Shelley Moore-Capito will vote “yes,” but, other Republicans are skeptical.

“I don’t think they have 60 votes in the Senate, It’s all about one pipeline for him, but, not about permitting for the rest of the country.”

Democrat Tim Kaine says it’s unfair to greenlight a specific pipeline without proper reviews.

“I’m not opposed to the Mountain Valley pipeline. I don’t think Congress should be in the business of approving pipelines or rejecting them.”

Conservatives want a spending bill with no extras. They worry that bipartisan leaders could jam something through at the last minute to avoid a shutdown.

“It may have all sorts of extraneous funding attached to a continuing resolution, but, they’ll say, you know, because we’re this close to the deadline, we have to pass it this time.”

Manchin’s deal gets a test vote Tuesday Night (9/27). If it doesn’t score 60 “yeas,” Schumer must take Manchin’s deal out of the bill or face a Weekend shutdown.

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