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Ashcom Murder Trial

More witnesses took the stand Tuesday in the trial for the 2015 death of a Johnstown woman. 3 Of those witnesses were fellow inmates of Shakir Smith, the man charged with arranging Carol Ashcom’s murder. The witnesses shared details about conversations held behind bars about Ashcom. One witness says Smith told them quote: “I merked her out” – meaning killed. The witness also says Smith told him quote: “They weren’t going to let her get away with telling on me.” Witnesses believe “They” referred to the people in his gang, “The Lynch Mob”. Another witness, who was incarcerated at the same time as Smith in 2019, says Smith told him someone in his mob were the ones who killed Ashcom. When the defendant cross examined this witness, he said Smith never told him specifically who the person was who shot and killed Ashcom. The trial will continue Wednesday morning.

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