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Ash Wednesday Fish Frys

Deserve it, which is the start of The Lenten season is upon us. That means churches across the area are preparing for their annual fish fries. Cait Westerholm stopped by one of them today in Cambria County and tells us how it went.

“We have been super busy today. We have to work in and time slot so we can allocate the fish making sure everything’s ready when it should be. And you know, it’s good quality without getting cold or anything.”

Volunteers at the church say they’ve been busy preparing for Ash Wednesday all week, but due to supply chain issues, orders for fish and other supplies necessary for the fish fry to be successful had to be placed weeks ago.

“We saw our place in our orders about three or four weeks ago to be able to be guaranteed that we are getting supplies. We had them delivered earlier than normal only because we wanted to make sure if the last minute we did not have sufficient product, we could then go somewhere else.”

In past years, the church had a fish fry every Friday during Lent, but this year had to cut down on the number of weeks due to those supply chain issues and an increase in price for fish and other supplies.

“The fish almost doubled in price. The other prices went up 30 to 40%, so we were very vigilant of watching our prices.”

This year, the church will continue hosting their fish fry as a takeout only event due to the pandemic.

The fish fry is still one of the biggest fundraisers for the church, and the money raised will be put to good use.

“Something’s come up that our capital expenses that just crop up and you know, you’re not expecting them. So and we have one or two of those right now, so we will be able to put the money to good use to keep the church stable, well kept and the doors open.”

Through it all, the church is grateful that the community and volunteers continually come out to support the event.

“We’re just thankful for the community and all the workers here that have put time in to support us and guide us, and for the good Lord to bless us with a beautiful day to have everybody here with a happy face on.”

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