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Area Welcomes Back a World Champion

In case you hadn’t heard Bishop McCort has a World Wrestling Champ with more on the thrilling journey of Bo Bassett and his warm and victorious welcome home

We bring in Carley Ford

Bishop McCort hosted a huge welcome back party Today for their future Crimson Crusher and new World Champion Bo Bassett

The parade began at the compound where Bassett trains and ended at his future high school Bishop McCort where the community gathered together to celebrate an astonishing achievement

“I have never seen anything like it in all of my life I’ve been in athletics for 30 years”

Bassett was the youngest wrestler competing in the Cadet World Championship, in the past 20 years only five wrestlers have competed in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman, Bassett is one of those five wrestlers who watched his dreams unfold thousands of miles away from home

“It was just a dream come true ever since I was 6 years old I always wanted to compete in the world championships and win worlds”

When Bassett was 6 he won a World Championship in Ju-Jitsu at 14 he was back on the World Championship mats. In the final bout, Bassett pinned down his Russian competitor in less than 4 minutes watching another dream become real

“He wanted to be a World Champion and he wanted to go and wrestle the Russian and growing up watching Rocky that’s everyone’s dream”

“Bo wrestling the Russian in the final that was awesome the classic rivalry it was great to get to wrestle those guys”

Bassett had his rocky moment but that’s not all his performance as the youngest wrestler on the highest stage was acknowledged by the best in the world

“Bassett was named the most outstanding wrestler of the entire freestlye event”

Over the course of four matches Bassett won with a tech fall and three pins in the World Championship bout, Bassett pinned down the title but when it was all over he had one question for his dad

“Bo looked at me and said dad am I dreaming? And it was really one of those things where to be honest we’ve all had those moments where I said I don’t know..because at that point I didn’t know if we were going to wake up the next day and have to go wrestle the Russian and have to do that but it turns out it wasn’t a dream and it was reality and he conquered the world ”

A dream come true but Bassett isn’t done yet just days after competing the World Champion has his eyes set on the next Cadet World Championships.

“I’m working on Rome 2022 it’s in Rome Italy really excited for that I’ll be training every single day like I said as hard as I can and leave no regrets and I’m training for worlds next year”

In the meantime the McCort community will continue celebrating their new World Champion

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