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Appalachian Bowl

Good evening, we turn to the high school football season, that means the Appalachian Bowl and the subsequent crossover matchups between the Westpac conference and the Heritage Conferences in this year’s Appalachian Bowl should be a good one, to say the least.

Both Windber and Cambria Heights will participate. And they got together in Richland, the Fire Hall Today to celebrate hype up this Saturday’s primetime game with a luncheon. So yearly tradition. We love it, something those two squads don’t take lightly as much pride between the two communities, and each group desperately wants to bring it home.

Both teams enter this matchup Unbeaten Cambria Heights is unblemished out of the Heritage in their first year in the conference, and Windber is on beat out of the West Pack two powerful offenses. A couple of great defenses, they match up so well against one another.

Let’s hear from one head coach, Matt Grohal and Heights head coach Gerard Lewis from earlier Today.

“It’s awesome, you know, I told those guys, you know, sitting here at the back of the room for four or five years now wishing that we were up here and knowing that we always had a chance to get here.”

“It’s huge for our kids, our program, our community, and we’re excited to represent the West Park on Saturday night. We’re very honored to be a part of that heritage conference and be representing the Heritage Conference in the Appalachian Bowl.”

The kids are excited to have the luncheon. Today was was a nice for our kids and it’s something that we’ve into after a good season. It’s a nice reward for the kids.


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