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Aiello Cafe Closes

After more than Seven Decades of Ownership by the same Family, an Elk County Restaurant closed its doors for good on Saturday. After the Aiello Family first opened the restaurant – Aiello’s Cafe in Ridgway in April of 1943, the time has come for the Italian staple on Broad Street to end. Rosa Aiello and Mary Jo Aiello Peterson of Aiello’s Cafe saying: “Very sad, bittersweet, very sad. I spent 40 years of my life in this place.” “Blood sweat and tears.”

The family is ending their business on their terms – so Rosa can go home to Italy. Mary Jo saying: “But she needs to retire, she needs to start a new chapter with her family, maybe go back to Italy for awhile, she hasn’t been there in how long? 14 years? 14 years.”

The Restaurant attracted many from around the U.S., and the World. Mary Jo saying: “We have friends from near and far that come here from Pittsburgh, out of state, out of country, I mean, we are well known to a lot of people outside of the community, but the community support has been wonderful.” Rosa adding: “I met so many special people and I have so many great memories, people that travel from Washington DC, New York, they always stop here, and I have a lot of memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Rosa says the food in Italy can’t be compared to here in the States, but the Aiello’s provided about as good as it gets on this side of the Atlantic. Rosa adding: “(It’s) different, you can never cook like you do in Italy over here because the ingredients are totally, totally different. But, I did the best that I could.”

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