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Afghan Refugees

Could the Johnstown area be a destination for Afghan immigrants to relocate. That is the question posed by the vision together 2025 Group.

Today, the vision together. 2025 president confirmed an exploratory committee was formed to look into recruiting possible Afghan refugees to Cambria County.

The US government says they evacuated more than 75,000 Afghans after the US pulled out of Afghanistan.

Some 50,000 have already been placed in local communities. The rest remain on six military bases across the US.

Bush and President Mike Tedesco says in a statement that the idea is being discussed to bring some of those refugees here as a possible solution to the declining population and skilled worker shortages.

His statement went on to say Vision together. 2025 sees an opportunity to grow the Johnstown economy in a manner that honors our heritage by continuing our story of immigration,

Tedesco says it will require many agencies to come together and use other cities as examples.

Another notes of a recent Cambria County Planning Commission meeting, the coordination of services such as housing, translation and education was discussed.

We reached out to several sources today about this story and got this reaction from County President Commissioner Tom Chernisky.

Cambria County government is not involved in recruiting Afghan refugees. America and Cambria County were built by immigrants.

If any of the refugees want to work, contribute to our economy and be law abiding residents, they should have the opportunity to build a new life

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