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Adams Twp. Residents Finally Get Rid of Swamp

We have an update to a story we first brought you back in September.

Frustration has been growing for residents in one Adams Township neighborhood for the last 20 years.

Their backyards, a place where kids used to run around and play football, has turned into a swamp land over time.

Cattails and weeds even started growing out of the overflowing, clogged, flooded drainage ditch.

“This is something we’ve been putting up with for a long time,” said resident Bart Wagner.

Wagner’s backyard was one of over 20 affected, with the water reaching his shed and destroying it.

He had to build a brand-new shed because of it.

For two years in a row, Adams Township officials applied for a permit with the PA Department of Environmental Protection to clean it out.

The officials tell us they applied twice and were denied twice.

Dan Senft, Adams Township Roadmaster and Supervisor, says the drainage ditch has gotten worse due to clogging.

“People would dump their glass clippings, their sticks, and it would just clog up. It just kept getting deeper and deeper,”

We reached out to State Representative Jim Rigby and Senator Wayne Langerholc to get some answers.

Rigby ended up getting in contact with the DEP to solve the problem.

“I followed through with my liaison through DEP to try to get to the bottom of this to find out why they were denied,” he told 6 News.

Rigby says, through his research, he found they were denied because they never actually needed a permit.

Rigby held a policy hearing with the DEP, where he expressed his frustrations about the confusion.

“I said, ‘Why don’t we explain to people? Why are we just sending a denial without giving an explanation?’ Which really could have made this a lot simpler. So, I won’t say it was a lack of communications, it was just poor communications,”

It’s a story about the community coming together, reaching out to local lawmakers, and getting things done.

“That’s what we’re here for. When they do have problems, come to us, and if we can resolve them, like we did this one, then we’re glad to do it. That’s what they put us in this position for,”

Senft says the project is just about done, and now they need to worry about upkeep.

They are also encouraging residents not to dump anything into the drainage ditch to prevent this from happening again.

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