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AAABA New Orleans / Philly

Semifinal Friday of the AAABA. Two games Today and the Championship that follows is all we have left at the 76th annual playing of this great tournament. But lets
recap the National matchup in the early semifinal

We’ll pick it up in the top of the 2nd, New Orleans up 1-0

One on Josh Alexander deep to center see ya two run bomb into the streets, 3-0 New Orleans

Later, runner on first, what a play Cavan Tully, and back to first for the double play

Top 3 bases juiced, Jacob Singletary base knock to right 4-0 New Orleans

Later, Josh Alexander. Rocket to the gap now 5-0 New Orleans

Bottom 3rd now, 2 outs, Philly gets one back Owen Petrich hits it deep off the wall, runner safe at third lets the run come home, Philly cuts the lead to 5-1

But New Orleans scores 11 in the top of the ninth and they roll 20-5

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