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75 Years of Voting

It may be difficult to gain some perspective in the moment, especially with the division we’ve been seeing. That’s straining relationships between even the closest of families and friends. We spoke with a woman we told you about previously, who has been through this a time or two. She’s offering her wisdom on how to overcome those divides.

Jenny Borovicka of Windber is 99 Years old, so she’s been through many Elections throughout her life. But she says all the division we’re seeing in our Country is nothing new and we’ll get through it. Borovicka hasn’t missed voting in an Election in the last 75 years. She’s seen first hand the arguments and frustrations Elections have caused between people over the years. Borovicka saying: “In the earlier Elections, one lady took a broom after me. I came and asked her if she was going to Vote. She took the broom and she wanted to hit me with it. So those things happen and stuff.”

Jenny says she became involved in Politics in 1945 when her and her two sisters would work at poll sites or bring sample ballots to Slovakian or Polish immigrants in the community, who couldn’t speak English and explain the Candidates to them. Fast forward to Tuesday, Jenny voted for the 2020 Presidential Election in her American flag mask. Here’s what she told us after voting: “Whenever I go up to the Senior Center, sometimes I’ll say, did you Vote Today? ‘Oh no, I don’t care.’ I said, are you complaining? ‘Yeah.’ I said then you have no right. If you didn’t Vote, you have no right to complain.”

No matter the outcome of your Vote, she says it’s still a privilege that we have a voice in Democracy, where in other Countries, Freedom might not be the case. Borovicka adding: “They should thank God that they’re living in the United States. I mean somebody’s got to win, and somebody’s got to lose. So sometimes, the one that you’re voting for doesn’t win. But it all works out. It all works out.” Jenny says this cultural tug of war Americans are in right now will pass, just like it has time and time again.

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