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7-0. Steelers Still Perfect

7-0. What a feeling for all the Steelers Fans out there. This Team has faced tough competition the past three weeks. The games haven’t been perfect, but their record still is. The Steelers Defense proves week in and week out that they are a top defensive unit in the League. You can look at the stats and see it, but we know how this team feels about those numbers. They are concerned about them, but the things this team has done through 7 games are outstanding. Against the Ravens on Sunday, the Defense forced Lamar Jackson to have a career high 4 turn-overs. The Offense is coming around. Eric Ebron has been a nice addition to this team with 2 touchdowns so far. He’s 6’4″ and over 250 pounds, so Ben likes to use him for blocking. The young group of Receivers have shown that this team has options.

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