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3rd Annual Coptoberfest

The 3rd Annual Coptoberfest kicked off in Johnstown on Saturday to raise money and support for local Law Enforcement. Organizers called it a party with live entertainment, axe throwing, and great food. The proceeds will benefit “Camp Cadet” of Cambria and Somerset Counties, which puts on a week-long camp for Youth in our area. It also benefits the organization called “Operation Guardian for Distressed Officers” which helps Officers with everyday stresses.

Coptober Committee Member Kevin Pollino saying: “To gather again, in support to get to know those people behind those badges is actually unbelievable. You are not going to stop us, 2020 didn’t stop us, neither is anything else. To get this message out something that is very important to us that we will continue to do, as long as we are able to do.”

For more on Coptoberfest, you can follow the organizers on Facebook.

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