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35th District Race

For Pennsylvania’s 35th district which encompasses Clearfield, Cambria, and Bedford counties.

It’s between Republican incumbent Wayne Langerholc Jr. Who was elected to this position in 2016 and Democratic candidate Shaun Dougherty who is running against him.

Prior to serving as a Senator, Langerholc was Cambria County’s Assistant District Attorney, serving as the lead prosecutor for their drug task force, while also serving as a Richland Township supervisor.

He says he’s pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-business and he’s focusing on opening the country back up following the COVID-19 pandemic.

His opponent Shaun Dougherty says he also wants to reopen the economy safely because of his experience in the restaurant industry.

Dougherty is also known for his background with the Catholic church sex abuse scandals and wanting to legalize marijuana.

“I had an uphill climb against the Catholic Church, but I reached the summit, and I got legislation passed. CUT TO So anything is possible.”

“I’m ready to lead us out of this pandemic, I’m ready to put our economy back to work, put our businesses back to work, open our schools safely, provide for the needs of our students.”

Polls have now been closed for almost two hours and we are already seeing results here in the county so be sure to stay with us both online and on air.

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