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320 Coalition Event

Tonight, the 320 Coalition held a screening of a documentary about Osaze Osagie.

It’s the latest in a series of events the Coalition has held throughout the State College area, remembering his life.

The film was titled Black Tea, and the screening was held at the Albright Bethune United Methodist Church.

This Sunday will mark the 3-year anniversary of Osagie’s killing, which happened during a welfare check by State College Police.

Tierra Williams says these events are more than just a memorial for Osaze.

“If you don’t say his name, people won’t remember his story. Unfortunately, there was no body cams, so we don’t have a video of what happened to Osaze, right? We don’t have any photographs of what happened to Osaze, no still shots. We only have what was put in the DA’s report, what the police officers wrote down in their own initial reports, right? So, when you don’t have that visual sometimes, it doesn’t live on, and you have to constantly say this person’s name, you have to constantly put that out there.”

The Coalition be will holding more events over the Weekend.

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