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3 Jailed for Child Sexual Assault

A Father and his Two Sons are facing Charges of Sexually Assaulting a Child for many years. Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer saying: “That kind of conduct is absolutely intolerable.” Intolerable is how he describes the alleged behavior of 3 Richland Township men for sexually abusing a minor. Neugebauer adding: “Anytime you have a case like these where a young person has been victimized and traumatized repeatedly over a long period of time, I hope that this case and the Prosecution of it will show that type of victimization of children will not be tolerated.”

Richland Township Police arrested 51-year-old Daniel Shaulis and his two sons, 33-year-old Daniel Natta Sr. and 31-year-old Michael Shaulis. The details were revealed during the girl’s interview with the Child Advocacy Center. Neugebauer adding: “The interview is conducted in a way that is specifically designed to have the child in their own words and at their own pace and way, to disclose physical and sexual abuse. Those types of things that may have occurred to them.”

Police say during a search of the home along Devon Drive in Richland Township, Cameras, Memory Cards, and video footage was seized, which Neugebauer says will help with their Prosecution. Neugebauer adding: “Anytime we have any type of video evidence of any type of a crime, it is very very helpful. Video doesn’t lie.” Neugebauer says the investigation has been handled appropriately and thoroughly between Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and many local agencies, but he says it all began with the bravery and courage of that little girl speaking up.

Neugebauer encourages anyone that has been a victim to come forward so that Law Enforcement can help to get Justice for you.

All 3 of the Men are in the Cambria County Prison after failing to post bond and are now awaiting their preliminary hearing.

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