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3 Found Dead in Cambria County

Here’s an update to an ongoing investigation into a group of deaths in Cambria County. The Coroner released the identities of three people found dead in a home on Monday afternoon. We spoke with Officials investigating the incident and have the latest details including how the victims are related to each other.

Authorities say the deaths happened on Azurite Lane in Conemaugh Township. The Coroner says two people were pronounced dead in a home, while a third was found dead in a garage next to the home. The Coroner has the area Caution Taped off as the investigation into what happened continues.

Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees announced the names of the three people who died on the property. He says 68-year-old Ruth Kinsey was found on the kitchen floor. 70-year-old Richard Kinsey was found on a chair in the living room. 62-year-old Donald Kinsey was found on a bed in a camper inside the garage. Lees says all of these individuals were siblings.

The bodies were found just before Noon on Monday when Police were called in to check on the welfare of the family. Lees says he believes they were dead for about 5 or 6 days before they were found. Autopsies performed on Tuesday revealed no trauma, according to Lees. Lees is awaiting microbiology and toxicology studies.

We also contacted Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer, who says they are aware of this incident, and are working with the Coroner’s Office. Officials tell us this is an ongoing investigation. We will follow the story and provide updates as the investigation progresses.

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