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3-20 Coalition

The 3/20 Coalition chose to make today a celebration, remembering Osaze Osagie as they say he was: a bright light to those close to him.

Today in Sydney Friedman Park, and later at the Municipal Building and Allen Street Gates, members of the State College Area community joined together to celebrate the life of Osaze Osagie through food, music and camaraderie.

Tierra Williams is one of the members of the coalition, who feels there is an important point to remember from this tragedy: time.

“When you think about two minutes, of ‘de-escalation’, it’s extremely frustrating,” she said. “We’ve been interviewing here longer than two minutes. So in this amount…this wasn’t even the amount of time that these trained officers took to de-escalate a situation.”

Even though the event was tragic, Robin Moussa, another member, added that is important to get together in a celebration of life too.

“And you know it’s a tragic, it’s a tragic day. Yesterday was really challenging but now, we deserve to celebrate too, like we deserve to be able to live our lives and enjoy the beautiful day and just be with people that, that see the world the same way we do, and build something together.”

While the events were festive, a moment of silence also occurred…and the collation reinforced their message to inspire change and prevent what happened two years ago today from happening again.

“So not only are we honoring Osaze’s legacy but (brief pause) we want to be here for the community, we don’t want for another coalition to because someone else has been murdered,” Williams said.

Moussa echoed Williams’ value of community: “but at the same time, we’re ultimately a community and we want to also be able to look forward and not just backward and to be able to build something in his memory so his death wasn’t for nothing,” Moussa said. “We want to use this to energize our community and build something new.”

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