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3/20 Coalition Occupation

One Organization in Centre County refuses to give up hope when it comes to finding out the identities of the Officers involved in Osaze Osagie’s shooting back in 2019. This past weekend, they continued with their demonstrations. We have seen many local protests this past year, but never any like this. The 3/20 Coalition set up a 24-hour camp site outside of the State College Municipal Building, still demanding answers and finding new ways to grab the attention of State College Officials.

3/20 Coalition Secretary Melanie Morrison saying: “Doing an occupation, having that area, and claiming that area, and for a small amount of time building that community that we want to see.” A 24 Hour occupation took place this past weekend, after the Coalition sent a letter to District Attorney Bernie Cantorna asking for, among other things, to identify the Officers involved in Osaze Osagie’s shooting. He was shot and killed after Police said he charged at them with a knife while they were serving a Mental Health Warrant in March 2019. The Officers were cleared of any wrongdoing 5 months later after an internal review.

Morrison adding: “At no point during that 24 hour occupation did anyone from the Borough or the Police Department come out and engage us in anyway.” Morrison says they repeated refusals won’t stop them. Morrison added: “That, even though it’s silence, speaks volumes and I don’t think the things the the Coalition is asking for are preposterous asks. By them not speaking in any way kind of shows that that’s not important to them.”

Last Monday, the Osagie Family filed a Federal Lawsuit against the State College Borough and 10 unidentified Police Officers, claiming the Officers involved failed to assess the situation and because of that they say that’s why Osagie was shot. “We have been in contact with the family just making sure that the work that we’re doing is the work we’re doing. They lost their son and this is a loss for everybody because the community is frightened. The family has always respected the work of the Coalition as a community organization.” As for what’s next for the 3/20 Coalition, Morrison says they wont stop until they receive answers.

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