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219 Fatal Accident Trial

Proceedings wrapped up early Thursday in day three of the trial of a West Virginia man who is accused of driving drunk during a fatal car crash which claimed the life of Johnstown woman in 2018.

Chase Turner is accused of driving in the wrong direction while drunk during the crash that claimed the life of Olivia Red.

Multiple witnesses were called to the stand Thursday.

The defense cross examined Adam’s Township Police Officer, John Hemming, whom the Commonwealth called to the stand Wednesday.

The prosecution called Cambria County’s Deputy Coroner and forensic pathologist to the stand who testified that Olivia Red died of multiple blunt force trauma injuries and that her toxicology report showed only caffeine in her system.

Prosecutors also called on an expert witness who’s a bio engineer in kinematics, the study of motion, who testified that he studied the crash reports, photos and medical documents from the crash and concluded that Turner was the one driving the vehicle when it crashed.


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