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2021 Mid Term Elections

There’s been a lot of talk about elections. The state legislature is talking about reforms and audits of last year’s election. Political pundits looking ahead to next years races
for an open US Senate seat and the Governor’s seat.

With added intrigue Today with confirmation of what’s been an open secret for years, that Attorney General Josh Shapiro will announce Wednesday that he’s running for Governor.

But what about this years election?

Well the municipal elections are coming up and the deadline to register is now a week away.

It’s that time of year again as voters get ready to fill out their ballots.

Whether you do it in person on election day November 2nd, or mail it in ahead of time, the registration deadline is this coming Monday.

Of course, an off year election doesn’t have the same appeal as last year’s presidential election, or next years race with the Governor and a US Senate seat on the ballot but
there are plenty of important decisions to be made.

Pennsylvania voters will elect Judges on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Superior Court, Commonwealth Court, several counties will decide Common Pleas court Judges and there’s
plenty of local races…such as in Johnstown where the Mayor and 4 City Council seats are up for grabs.

As for election integrity, while there’s been a lot of consternation about security and reform following last year’s election…so far it’s all talk and no action. Procedures in
place last November, remain for this November.

Today, Centre County Representative Scott Conklin unveiled new legislation that would address issues raised by election officials.

Part of that plan he says includes pre canvassing ballots 21 days prior to election day, and funding for necessary equiptment purchases.

It will also require risk limit audits and provisions for early voting and mail in voting.

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