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2021 Girl Scout Cookies

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, and whether you’re a fan of Thin Mints or Tagalongs covid won’t stop you from enjoying them you just have to go about getting them a little differently
if you’ve been on the hunt for girl scout cookies, you might have had a hard time getting your hands on a box this year the pandemic has caused a lot of things to go virtual and girl scout cookies are no exception.

“When we posted Natalies digital site on my Facebook page people were immediately saying ‘I’ll buy cookies I’d like these’ you know they were they ready. one of my friends that lives in California said ‘cookies ship to California?’ like she couldn’t believe we could do that and I said yes and so she placed an order for cookies”

To sink your teeth into a Samoa you can have a local girl scout to give you the code to their virtual cookie booth to buy a box or two.

“It’s a lot easier and safer to sell cause you know you’re not going door to door and it’s contact free and stuff like that and we’ve also sold to not just places in johnstown but also out of state
like Kansas, Florida, Oklahoma, California because the cookies can be shipped

If you don’t know a local girl scout there are other ways to buy, starting February 26th until March 21st you can get cookies just by getting in the car

“We’re going to attempt to do a drive though cookie booth in the Westwood Plaza so the girls still get the experience without having to worry so much about being in close contact with others. what they’ll do is just drive up, wind down their windows tell us what they want, and we will hand them the cookies through their window

And if you don’t want to leave your house you’ll be able to buy cookies through Grubhub in Johnstown, girl scouts will fulfill the orders from their office downtown local girl scouts say they hope the well known treats will help lift spirits.

“It’s just something to maybe bring a smile to people’s faces. yeah people always ask ‘are you selling girl scout cookies yet?’ and I’m like no not yet but now I am ”

The money from all of the cookies you buy goes back into programming for your local girl scouts.

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