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16 Recommendations for Improved Policing For Johnstown

The board presented 16 recommendations for improved policing in the city of Johnstown, from ensuring certain controversial techniques aren’t used to ensuring more diversity on the force.

The Johnstown Police advisory board says they want to make sure the city’s police department is doing their best.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions at the public safety building media was not allowed inside the meeting itself, but the board’s president Deacon Jeffrey Wilson believes their relationship over the past nearly 2 decades has brought about a big improvement.

“The beauty of what we have going on up there is that we are able to speak about things in a frank respectful nature it enables them to understand our perspective and for us to understand them so it’s a very very good thing.”

Both sides agree that while the relationship nationally between those who serve and the people they protect is waning, being able to talk their issues out in this manner has helped here at

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