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This weekly news magazine series, hosted by Sara Cameron, covers west-central Pennsylvania and beyond. Kaleidoscope features unique people and places in our region; the “Good News” about our area. You can watch Kaleidoscope every Wednesday at 12:30 pm on ABC 23 and 10:35 pm on FOX 8.

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Weather Emergency Exhibit

Encore Presentation You’ve seen the hurricanes hitting the deep south, right?  Crazy weather happens anywhere and everywhere.  Now while we’ve...
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Encore Presentation In this next segment we’re spending some time in the woods.  Now if you’ve ever done the same...
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Pumpkin Chunkin’

Encore Presentation Have you gotten your pumpkins yet this year?  Or picked out your pumpkin - flavored - whatever?  For...
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Kaleidoscope Kicker

Encore Presentation You know how Facebook brings up your memories?  Recently it brought up one of our son, Austin, who...
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Elk County

Encore Presentation Let’s journey north and get outside to enjoy one of our most beautiful counties in the state, Elk...
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Encore Presentation Are you like a lot of us that recycle?  For many - it’s a daily routine in our...
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