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This weekly news magazine series, hosted by Sara Cameron, covers west-central Pennsylvania and beyond. Kaleidoscope features unique people and places in our region; the “Good News” about our area. You can watch Kaleidoscope every Wednesday at 12:30 pm on ABC 23 and 10:35 pm on FOX 8.

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Have You Taken Down Your Tree?

Some of you have already taken down your Christmas trees, haven’t you?  It might take you a day or two. ...
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Taking a Look at the Cambria City Mission

The Cambria City Mission is a group that not only takes care of the community’s needs around the holidays, but...
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Kaleidoscope Kicker

We wrap up our Christmas themed Kaleidoscope Kickers, pet style, with the difference between cats and dogs at Christmas.
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Father Gallitzin

Many of you probably enjoyed a midnight mass or church service this past Christmas.  It’s a rich tradition for Catholics...
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Who Wants Some Candy?

Did you know that the world famous Mallowcup is made right here in our area - Altoona.  Boyer Candy has...
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Victorian Christmas at Hegarty Mansion

We begin at the beautiful Hegarty Mansion in Clearfield County.  This private residence was built in the 1860s by Samuel...
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