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This weekly news magazine series, hosted by Sara Cameron, covers west-central Pennsylvania and beyond. Kaleidoscope features unique people and places in our region; the “Good News” about our area. You can watch Kaleidoscope every Wednesday at 12:30 pm on ABC 23 and 10:35 pm on FOX 8.

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Repurposed Tires

There are people that can make something out of anything. And when that anything are tires, well that catches our...
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Last year we started with our Kaleidoscope Kicker, a cute or funny little video to end off our show. But...
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Savage Burger

It’s called the Savage Burger. If you can eat it all, within time of course, you get a hefty surprise...
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This August, the Band of Brothers Shakespeare Company celebrated their 30th Season! In the Westmont section of Johnstown, tucked away...
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Remote Cars

Imagine your Teenager comes to you one day and says, Mom and Dad, I want to build a race track...
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Hollidaysburg Civil War Reenactment – Part 2

Well, now to the Battlefield we go. Earlier in the show we began to see the Historic Hollidaysburg Civil War...
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