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This weekly news magazine series, hosted by Sara Cameron, covers west-central Pennsylvania and beyond. Kaleidoscope features unique people and places in our region; the “Good News” about our area. You can watch Kaleidoscope every Wednesday at 12:30 pm on ABC 23 and 10:35 pm on FOX 8.

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Pet Food Pantry

A lot of churches in our area like to help the community.   Contribute in some way.  For one church in...
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Making some spaghetti or lasagna SOON?  Chances are you might be using one of DelGrosso’s many sauces.  The DelGrosso name...
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Red Bank Valley Trail Updates

Over the years we’ve shown you countless ideas for outdoor activities; including the Redbank Valley Trail.  It runs from the...
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Kaleidoscope Kicker

A young girl is freaking out, scared to death of falling out of a tree, grabbing and holding on for...
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In this next segment we’re spending some time in the woods.  Now if you’ve ever done the same you know...
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Pumpkin Chunkin’

Have you gotten your pumpkins yet this year?  Or picked out your pumpkin - flavored - whatever?  For a certain...
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