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This weekly series, hosted by KC O’Day, features the talented people, the beautiful places, and the great organizations that make up our area, with a little fun mixed in too! You can watch All About Town every Thursday at 12:30 pm on ABC 23 and 10:35 pm on FOX 8.

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I Saw It on the Internet, So It Must Be True: Mountain Dew Pickles

Have you ever seen those crazy claims going around the internet and wondered if they were true? Well, each month...
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Typh’s Picks: Bound by Kindness

Bookworm and former librarian Typhani Russo is inspiring other readers with her monthly book picks. This month’s theme is Bound...
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Maple-Sugaring Season

Our community partners at Tombob Outdoors took a break from their hunting adventures to visit a rural camp between Brookville...
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School Counselors

This school year has been particularly challenging! Barron Whited, a school counselor for Agora Cyber Charter School, has some insight...
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Art Lesson with Cory: Steamer & Bryce

Author and illustrator Cory Geishauser shows us how to draw Steamer, the former Altoona Curve mascot, and Bryce from his...
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Author & Illustrator Cory Geishauser

KC chats with accomplished author and illustrator Cory Geishauser about his books, illustrations, Art Funshops, and time as Steamer –...
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