S.A.T. Prep
Friday, August 24 2018
As High School students head back to school, thoughts Of the upcoming S.A.T. And A.C.T. Tests can stress students. I remember that. These tests can help determine Where a student goes to school. That's right. Andrea of Mindworks prep is Here to share some tips with us On helping students and parents Prepare for the S.A.T. And A.C.T. Including the opportunity for $5000 in scholarships for prep Training. What can you share with us About starting? Pretty much tell us about the Organization and what you are Aiming to do here, Andrea. We are really trying to Provide S.A.T. Prep for all and make sure Students get into the college Of their dreams, whether it be Penn state where we are having The S.A.T. Boot camp or a college out of state. Anywhere they want to go. Whether they are first generation college students, or They are going to go to a two- year college but now maybe we can get them into a four-year college. I'm not going to lie. I was not very good at Standardized Tests. Those long test. For people who aren't very good At that, taking, you know, this Course, is that going to help them really? Even if you are very bad at it? Could this have help Students like Jessica? Of course. It even would have helped me, too. We teach testing confidence and Endurance, as well as tips and strategies. Awesome. We mentioned $5000. We know higher education is very expensive these days. What is this money specifically going to go toward and what benefit our kids going to get Out of this? It is the focus for low income students to get S.A.T. Prep. Before they can even get into college, affluent students are at an advantage, because they are getting the S.A.T. Prep and then there getting into college, where low income students don't have that edge Of the S.A.T. Prep. So, we are trying to give them, you know, an edge as well as the affluent students. Our prep is for all students but we want to provide prep for low income students, too. In the past, what kind of Results have you seen? I know you have a lot of experience in this. Seeing some of these less affluent children that don't have as much opportunities as someone from, you know, an affluent family, talk about how much of an improvement you see in getting out of a program that is offered like this. We see on average in all students, 200 points an average. It really depends on how engaged the students are. If they just come and sit, they won't see than average increase. But you know, I want to say After being at so many of our boot camps, most of the students, only a few are, like, not engaged. And then once we redirect them, They are engaged. But a majority of students are asking questions and leaning forward. You know, because it's kind of intense and over a short period of time. It's not like a 30 hour course where it drags on. What is the boot camp really quick? So people know. September 23rd at Penn State. Austin. They got to contact you. We will give them that information now.