Two Clearfield County Restaurants Opening
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Despite Governor Wolf's orders two restaurants in Clearfield are reopening their dining rooms on Saturday. Those business owners I spoke with say this wasn't an easy choice to make.

Priscilla Brown, owner of Billy's Burgerland, said she's been operating via takeout and delivery since the start of the pandemic.

She said it's been hard making ends meet and it's time to make a change.

On Saturday, she will reopen her dining room to customers.

While it wasn't an easy decision to make she said she's afraid of losing everything she has.

Brown said they'll only allow 20 customers into the dining room they'll abide by the CDC's guidelines to keep customers and employees safe.

Another restaurant to reopen their dining room on Saturday, Spanky's Courthouse Cafe.

The owner said business has been slow and there was no other choice to make.

"It's been a big loss for everybody. We want to make sure we can continue on like we were before, our small town businesses. Everyone that comes into this restaurant is like family and it's breaking apart and it's just terrible," said Heather Inguagiato, owner of Spanky's Courthouse Cafe

Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers said he won't prosecute businesses that reopen that follow the CDC's guidelines. But he said those businesses can be subject to fines.