Re-open Guidelines
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Memorial Day is right around the corner, but with Coronavirus lurking, Health and Local Officials are issuing guidance on staying safe as social distancing rules ease. Officials say people should be cautious while on the sand and surf, but some traditional summer activities should probably be avoided this year including concerts, festivals and parades. As for backyard cook-outs, adults are advised to have masks handy and to maintain distance from others. The same applies to children. Parents should know about Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, or MISC, which might be linked to the Coronavirus. A group of Doctors organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say kids showing symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting, fever and rash should get immediate medical attention. The CDC also just posted 60-pages of guidelines on how States can reopen more safely. It's eight-pages fewer than the document that was shelved by the White House last week after concerns it was too specific.