Tokoyo Olympics Postponed
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The Summer Olympic games just fell victim to the Coronavirus. We have more from Tokyo on the postponement. The signs are all over Tokyo. Symbols of what was supposed to be a Japanese revival, a come back, crushed, at least for now. Tokyo 2020 organizers and the International Olympic Committee bowing to global pressure, pressure brought on by the Novel Coronavirus catastrophe. Memories of another disaster nine years ago still fresh on many Japanese minds. 2011'S mega quake, tsunami and Fukushima triple meltdown. Winning the Olympic bid in 2013 brought a surge of national pride and badly needed jobs. Japan invested tens of billions of dollars, new infrastructure, new technology. 2020 Was supposed to be a banner year, a year now defined by a once in a century global pandemic. "We have overcome natural disasters, war, but things are different now. This will be the biggest challenge we ever faced "says one of Japan's most powerful lawmakers. He says Japan's aging population and shrinking workforce makes it much harder to bounce back. The Olympics are a cornerstone of prime minister's plan to transform Japan into a global destination, a plan to jumpstart the Japanese economy. Analyst Keith Henry says even a delay has serious financial implications. "It is a service sector economy,obviously with the railroads, the hotels, the regions of japan that were counting on people spending a few days in Tokyo and then wondering the mountains to the beaches of the inner-lands of Japan, the damage, economic damage will be widespread all across Japan." The finance minister even went so far as to say Coronavirus is proof of an Olympic curse. He was born in 1940 when world war ii extinguished Japan's Olympic flames. Tokyo was supposed to host the canceled 1940 games. They would end up waiting 24 years. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Japan's reintroduction to the world showcasing a miracle recovery, rising from the ashes of war. Today, a new war against the deadly virus, putting Japan's Olympic dreams on hold yet again.