COVID-19 Case on PSU Campus
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Earlier today Penn State administrators confirmed a Coronavirus case on University Park campus. This came after they held virtual town hall meetings for students, faculty and staff. Like many places, what is going to happen sparked most of the discussion. Even though there will be no more on-campus activities for the remainder of the semester, Penn State employees will be paid through the end of April. "Our objective is with all this stress, for you not to have an abrupt financial at this location when you are dealing with so many other different things." Barron said there could be potential furloughs or layoffs. The online programs meanwhile off to a strong start. "On the first day of remote learning, Monday a week ago at 10 am, we had 63,000 people participating in the some 350 zoom sessions, all doing synchronous instruction." Penn State Provost Nick Jones is asking for students, faculty and staff saying they are doing things that weren't even considered two weeks ago even though campus activities are curtailed, Spring commencement activities are still being considered,virtual or otherwize. "We are working on a second phase yet to be defined because it depends on the evolution of this pandemic in which we truly can come together on our campuses and celebrate your many achievements." Barron also said they are looking to see if they are eligible for any federal relief funding.