Duca Funeral Home
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As measures are being taken to decrease the spread of COVID-19, how we go about our everyday lives is changing for now, including how we handle major life events like a loved one passing away. Funeral homes in Pennsylvania have been ordered by Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association to keep all funeral services private and limited to 10 people or less. Frank Duca, the owner of the Frank Duca Funeral Home and Crematory in Johnstown, says this is something the family-run business has never encountered in over 70 years of business. "We're going to work with families. We may have to do funeral arrangements by phone, email, or Skype until this passes a little more. We will be here for them still 24/7 we�re not closing any hours or closing our doors, but the door may be locked during the day to keep people from wandering into the building." said Frank Duca. Duca says this is difficult for families, especially larger families, but everyone has been understanding so far. He says one way they'll be able to handle the situation is to have families enter the service 10 people at a time. They are offering a unique way for larger families to come together, streaming funeral services live so everyone can be a part of the day even from a distance. "A family does have to sign a release. When you stream live private things like this it�s very emotional for everyone, but it gives everyone a chance and it's very popular for those that live out of town not only at this time," said Duca. But Duca says he invites families to come back together once this all passes. "Hopefully down the road in a month or two when this all clears, we�re just telling them to come back here and have a celebration of life to tell stories and enjoy memories together,"said Duca.