Cambria County Has First Case of COVID-19
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The first coronavirus case in Cambria County was confirmed Monday by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. As of 8 a.m. Monday, there were 479 confirmed cases in the state and 4,964 have tested negative, according to the Pa. Department of Health. The numbers have not yet been updated to reflect the latest cases. Cambria County is the second county in our 10-county viewing area to report a case. Further details regarding the patient have not been released at this time. A coronavirus case was reported in Centre County Friday. As of Monday, Centre County confirmed three total cases, according to officials. Two deaths have been reported in the state so far one in Allegheny County and one in Northampton County. Governor Tom Wolf encouraged compliance with his order that non-life-sustaining businesses in the commonwealth close brick-and-mortar operations and reminded Pennsylvanians that enforcement will begin at 8:00 a.m. Monday. "The number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus is continuing to increase and it is creating the most significant public health crisis in our lifetime," Gov, Wolf said during a Sunday evening news conference. "This is requiring all of us to confront it. To change and to sacrifice. That sacrifice is not easy, but it is real, and I don't want to minimize it. I want to be honest with you and what we're up against." Enforcement of the Governor's order from Thursday that all non-essential businesses close was delayed because the state couldn't process the more than 10,000 waiver claims from businesses saying they are essential and should stay open. There were also concerns about how local agencies would enforce it along with state police. Pennsylvania State Police announced today how they and local police will be assisting in the mandate. "They have the ability to issue citations but the hope is that the businesses that have remained open just don't understand the order or they aren't in full compliance because they don't know where they stand," Wolf said. Wolf also said all options are on the table for further measures to limit the spread, after the City of Philadelphia announced they will institute a stay at home order effective the same time of the Governor's business shut down. "That's something that has to be under consideration and it is for Pennsylvania,We're trying to buy time. We're trying to keep what's happened in Italy from happening in Pennsylvania."